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Darling Companion (2012)

This movie will be released in NY & LA on April 20th and I’m seriously thinking about taking the train 3 hours to see it, it looks absolutely delightful and while I do, admit-tingly, kneel at the the altar that is Diane Keaton i’m also a huge fan of Lawrence Kasdan who has directed great films such as Mumford, First Kiss, Wyatt Earp, I Love You to Death, and the Big Chill.  I’m also a huge fan of elisabeth moss and I’m excited to see her in something aside from her Mad Men role and Excedrin commercials 🙂


Bobby Van’s ‘Take Me to Broadway’ number in ‘Small Town Girl’


Bobby Van’s commute to work in 1953’s ‘Small Town Girl’ is both endearing and astounding, all that hopping is sure to put a smile on your face and if it doesn’t the pup that hops along with him towards the end surely will I highly recommend this movie, if only for Van’s number.

L!fe Happens (2011)


Here’s a new one that I can’t wait to see and that will be released tomorrow, co-written by and starring Krysten Ritter (who was fabulous in the series premiere of ‘The B in Apartment 23’) this got decent reviews on the LA Film Festival last summer and I really want to see it!

Comic-Con Documentary

So in an attempt to keep this blog fresh and up to date I’ve decided to start posting film I’m excited to see along with my reviews and my watch lists. This brings us to a great documentary that is being released (limiited, of course) this friday, April 6th in Santa Monica–no word on a wider release date yet but I’ll keep you updated :]

Directed by Morgan Spurlock and interviewing comic fans “great and small” this documentary looks truly delicious.