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March 2012 Movies 60 – 75

I was travelling for two weeks out of march at the lovely SXSW Music Festival and then in Chicago for a week so my film list was a bit neglected but I tried to keep up. April will definitely be better :]

Mar 01 – A Scanner Darkly (2006)
Mar 02 – Win Win (2011)
Mar 07 – Take Care of my Cat! (Goyangileul Butaghae) (2002)
Mar 08 – Only You (1992)
Mar 09 – What a Way to Go! (1964)
Mar 13 – Maybe (Tokkiwa rijeodeu) (2009)
Mar 22 – Salmon Fishing the Yemen (2012)
Mar 23 – Star Trek Generations (1994)
Mar 23 – Saving Face Documentary (2012)
Mar 23 – Case de mi Padre (2012)
Mar 23 – Friends with Kids (2012)
Mar 24 – Game Change (2012)
Mar 25 – Tinker, Tailer, Solider, Spy (2011)
Mar 26 – Footloose (2011)
Mar 30 – If a Man Answers (1962)
Mar 30 – The Hunger Games (2012)


February 2012 Movies 34-59

Feb 01 – The Greatest (2009)
Feb 02 – Capote (2005)
Feb 02 – Just Wright (2010)
Feb 03 – The African Queen (1951)
Feb 04 – Fever Pitch (1997)
Feb 04 – White Palace (1990)
Feb 05 – Moneyball (2011)
Feb 05 – Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)
Feb 05 – Masterpiece Classics Jane Austen’s Persuasion (2007)
Feb 06 – Velvet Goldmine (1998)
Feb 06 – Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)
Feb 08 – Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
Feb 09 – Don’t Look Back (1967)
Feb 09 – The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009)
Feb 10 – Bob Dylan A&E Biography (2005)
Feb 14 – White Valentine (1999)
Feb 16 – Linda Linda Linda (2005)
Feb 17 – Wake (2009)
Feb 18 – The Artist (2011)
Feb 24 – The Harvey Girls (1946)
Feb 25 – Guess Who’s coming to Dinner? (1967)
Feb 25 – The Maltese Falcon (1941)
Feb 25 – Bullitt (1968)
Feb 25 – The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
Feb 28 – Avenue Montaigne (20007)
Feb 29 – The Smiths : The Complete Picture (1992)

A Life in Movies

So over at Yam Magazine they do these great features from their contributors called ‘A Life in Movies’, and I just love the idea of transcending time and mapping out a life through movies. So I’ve done my own version, haha. Enjoy!

1987- Some Kind of Wonderful
This is one of the lesser known teen ’80s movies but I absolutely love the dynamic between Watts & Keith.

Tom Hanks just glitters in this film and really captures the essence of a boy trapped in a man’s body.

1989-Do The Right Thing
This is hands down my favorite Spike Lee joint and I ADORE the use of the ‘love/hate’ speech from ‘Night of the Hunter’ (1955)

1990-Pretty Woman
I love, love, love the this movie. Julia Roberts really captured my heart and i’ve been dreaming of my Richard Gere, “knight in a white limo”, ever since.

There are no words that do this film justice, just do yourself a favor and watch it.

1992-Howard’s End
Emma Thompson always shines but in Howard’s End she is absolutely divine.

1993-Groundhogs Day
Bill Murray is my favorite actor. I’ve been known to say I would leave anyone for Bill Murray. Especially Bill Murray as the brusque yet loveable and endearing Phil. This is my go to movie for when I am down.

1994-Pulp Fiction
I do not like Quentin Tarantino but i LOVE Pulp Fiction.

1995-Sense and Sensibility
Emma Thompson AND Kate Winslet! Too much to handle. Most Austenites look upon this particular adaptation the most favorably, and I am one of them.

1996-Romeo + Juliet
This version of Romeo + Juliet made me want to make movies. Baz Luhrman just has such an amazing vision and put a fresh spin on a classic tail without have to change the stories core meaning.

This is one of my favorite sci-fi movies, especially made during my life time. It’s smart, clever, and thrilling.

The cinematography and use of color was absolutely groundbreaking when it was released and I don’t think any other film has been as creative with their post color correction since.

1999-The Iron Giant
I love this film, it’s animation is crisp, it’s 50’s references are divine, and there is such heart behind it.

2000-High Fidelity
I don’t know why but I always find myself relating to the protagonists in Nick Hornby’s novels even though they are always male. However, John Cusack is one of my favorites. Plus the Chicago setting is beautiful, the cast is relatable and the idea of relating to life through music is something I believe many people experience on their own levels.

2001-The Royal Tenenbaums
Wes Anderson is one of my top favorite directors but the work he and his brother, Eric, put into the design of this is movie so fantastic. That along with the backstory really led to strong performances by the wonderful cast of character actors and made the film that much stronger in my eyes. Plus kick-ass soundtrack, hello?!

2002-Bend it like Beckham
I was 15 when I first saw this movie and all I was doing was dreaming about love and finding a boy who would love me for me, who would stick up/fight for me, and give me strength. So it’s easy to see why this particular film holds such a soft spot in my heart.

2003-Lost in Translation
I love the loneliness of this film. I truly feel that Sofia Coppola captured my loneliness and put it up on screen.

2004-Garden State
Garden State followed Lost in Translation’s portrayal of a generation Y struggling to come to terms with their existence, but Zach Braff and Natalie Portman were so much more relatable in their Jersey setting and all of their awkward, not cool, emotions. Plus I think that everyone has those asshole friends who they grow up with admiring and then meet later on in life, unimpressed or even disgusted by them.

2005-Pride & Prejudice
Say what you will about this film’s cast–Keira Knightley is definitely flat, and while it is Carey Mulligan’s break out role, it definitely does not portray her acting range at all. But point being Joe Wright is such a talented director. He has the ability to make me desire to live in his films, and Pride & Prejudice is definitely one of them.

2006-Stranger Than Fiction
I moved to Chicago thinking that it would be like Stranger Than Fiction, it wasn’t really, but I love that power that  movies have to make you dream of a place being as great as it was on screen.

2007-No Country for Old Men
Who cares? Everyone knows this film is great!

2008-The Brothers Bloom
I first saw this movie at the Chicago International Film Festival, and I was absolutely captivated. Thrill, Intrigue, Rinko Kikuchi! Awesome hats as well. Amazing production design, some of the best visual storytelling in quite some time.

I have been a longtime fan of the Alan Moore novel. The film adaptation is one of the best in the string of superhero films. Wonderful. Favorite. & Patrick Wilson 🙂

2010-Paper Man
This film is amazing. Odds are you haven’t heard of it unless 1) you’re an indie sweetheart or 2) a huge fan of one of the film’s several talented actors. Either way, you. need. to. watch. this. movie. It’s fantastic.

2011-The Beginners
The cinema audience was blessed with many great films in 2011 *cough*drive/bridesmaids/jane eryre/wrecked/hanna*cough* but the beginners is the one I related to the most. And the first film I’ve seen since Lost in Translation where I’ve related to the feeling behind a script.