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March 2012 Movies 60 – 75

I was travelling for two weeks out of march at the lovely SXSW Music Festival and then in Chicago for a week so my film list was a bit neglected but I tried to keep up. April will definitely be better :]

Mar 01 – A Scanner Darkly (2006)
Mar 02 – Win Win (2011)
Mar 07 – Take Care of my Cat! (Goyangileul Butaghae) (2002)
Mar 08 – Only You (1992)
Mar 09 – What a Way to Go! (1964)
Mar 13 – Maybe (Tokkiwa rijeodeu) (2009)
Mar 22 – Salmon Fishing the Yemen (2012)
Mar 23 – Star Trek Generations (1994)
Mar 23 – Saving Face Documentary (2012)
Mar 23 – Case de mi Padre (2012)
Mar 23 – Friends with Kids (2012)
Mar 24 – Game Change (2012)
Mar 25 – Tinker, Tailer, Solider, Spy (2011)
Mar 26 – Footloose (2011)
Mar 30 – If a Man Answers (1962)
Mar 30 – The Hunger Games (2012)


Wild Target (2010) J. Lynn

‘Wild Target’ is a lovely import from Englad circa 2010. Despite it’s cheeky humor, that is a signature of many great films from our neighbors ‘across the pond’, and it’s talented cast it never quite found a foothold for distribution in America. Image

Bill Nighy stars as the films introverted and uptight assassin to Emily Blunt’s quirky and unhinged con woman. Rupert Grint is thrown in as some lovely color and humor to the film, who’s main purpose was to lighten the sexual tension between Blunt and Nighy’s characters, and help avoid a few holes where deux ex machina would had pushed the movie from tongue-in-cheek to just another failed attempt to be slyly funny (see: ‘The Love Guru’).

I found this movie enjoyable and chuckle worthy. It’s quirky throughout int a way that is endearing and not aggravating. It’s not really enough to write home about, but it’s definitely enough to write an adoring blog post about. It’s on Netflix for instant viewing and I would say it’s definitely worth a viewing. So grab yourself a Royal Oak pale ale, some fish’n chips and settle in for a few hours of kitschy fun!