Arranged (2007) D. Crespo & S. Schaefer

ImageArranged‘ is an indie film made by directing duo Diane Crespo and Stefan C. Schaefer. It centers around two New York City public school teachers Rochel Meshenberg and Nasira Khaldi. Rochel and  Nasira are two young twenty-somethings just starting their teaching careers within one of the most diverse public school systems in the country. And while they have their religious differences, Rochel is Orthodox Jewish and Nasira is Muslim, they are both walking through the stages of an arranged marriage with their families.

Despite their one major difference (or as many people would be be defaulted to believe is major) of religious views, Nashira and Rochel are like minded spirits believing in modesty and humility.  Rochel is a bit more romantic and passionate in her views but as Nasira is the more optimistic of the two, she is more of a risk-taker that can only be founded in spoiled last born’s. The fact that that alone came out to me is a testament to the love and thought that went into this film.  Arranged is beautifully crafted and well casted. Zoe Lister-Jones and Francis Benhamou are absolute gems.

If you are a Verizon FIOS viewer this film is now available for free viewing on the IFC on demand channel or you can buy the dvd here.  I highly, highly recommend that you do so.


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